Do you have a wedding coming up? Are you trying to be more active in your  lifestyle? You might want to think about that special dance that you are going  to have to do in front of all those people. There are classes available for you  to consider ballroom dancing.

Have you ever tried dance classes? They are so much fun when you can get in  there and just dance. You will learn to ballroom dance individually, as a large  class or with a partner. This is such a great opportunity because you are going  to be able to learn new moves and understand your body better as well as meet  new friends and bond with your loved ones. Whether you are doing this by  yourself or with someone else there are many benefits.

You are going to get a great work out. Let’s be honest here, we could all use a little extra exercise right? Well ballroom dancing really gets you moving and twisting. You won’t even realize that you are working out because you will be having so much fun doing it. You won’t even want to stop when the lesson is over! If you are having trouble finding the time to spend at the gym why not kill two birds with one stone and join a dance class?.

Ballroom dancing is a great addition to anyone’s life. Whether you are trying  to change your lifestyle a little bit, add more excitement or need to learn  ballroom dancing for something specific you will completely benefit from taking  classes.

There are classes available in Huntington, WV.  Gayle Riggs has been instructing ballroom dancing in Huntington for many years.  If you would like to attend one of her classes you can reach her at (304)417-0134. Gayle’s email is rigg1209@zoominternet.net

Classes are offered each Monday evening at 7:00pm at the American Legion at 6024 Rt. 60 East in Barboursville, WV. (This is located behind the Hardee’s Restaurant on the hill).  Lessons are designed for social dancing. Dress code is “comfortable” with shoes that let your feet move easily on the floor.  You do not need a partner.  Classes are $7 per person.

She also offers classes through Premier Dance Studio. This is a 6 week class and is offered at various times.  Call Gayle for more information.